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BAUMEISTER exclusive: The CURATED series

Architecture is philosophy. Architecture is an attitude. But what is the attitude and approach of a David Chipperfield or a David Adjaye? We wanted to get to the bottom of this and further questions at the beginning of our “Baumeister Curated” series. We believe it’s possible to express architectural viewpoints and convictions through media — especially if you allow the architects themselves to design that media or “make the magazine”. And that is exactly what we have done with the curated issues of Baumeister: the architect has become the editor-in-chief.

Each component of the issue — its sections, authors and cover — is determined by its respective creator. Making a magazine is always an exciting journey for everyone involved — and for the architects, it can often be a bumpy one, too. But in the end, we are always fascinated by the results. I hope you’ll be fascinated, too. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the different positions, viewpoints and convictions that are waiting to be discovered in our Curated series.

Baumeister editorial team

Baumeister — curated by Snøhetta

Baumeister curated by Snøhetta! We place our “Curated” issue this year in the hands of the globally wellknown architects from Norway. They focus on three themes that are central to their work – Concept and Context, Spaces for Culture, and Building the Future. To this end, they invite different actors to comment not only on Snøhetta’s work, but also on current architectural projects, thus contributing to a broader, theoretical discourse.

MVRDV, which is responsible in person of co-founder Winy Maas for the next guest-curated Baumeister, is like no other office with regarding how it combines its experimental spirit and visionary thinking with a feel for large-scale construction. We don’t want  to reveal too much, but here is one thing we can say in advance: Office manager Winy Maas is confident he has something to say that will cause a lot of discussion among readers.

Reinier de Graaf, a long-standing partner at OMA and head of OMA’s think tank AMP, will curate the June issue of Baumeister. In his curated edition, he will explore the question of who architects actually build for. He’ll look at the special relationship between client and architect, and examine various correlations that have existed over the course of history. This issue will be available exclusively from our shop starting on 27 May 2019.

David Adjaye examines how specific climatic, geographical and regional conditions can shape architecture. He gives us some insight into his work, his approach to architecture, and his influences — which include places as diverse as Japan, India and Finland. Adjaye also takes a personal look at his African roots and explores ways in which the topics of home and identity can be defined in a globalised world.

David Chipperfield and his colleague Alexander Schwarz discuss Gottfried Semper’s theory of Stoffwechsel. They explore the origins and cultural background of forms, along with the issues related to finding forms during the design process. David Chipperfield Architects also provide insights into their working methods and use architectural references to reflect on their own creations.

Stephan Trüby was the Head of Research and Development for the Venice Architecture Biennale curated by Rem Koolhaas. In his curated issue of Baumeister, Trüby gives us some insight into the work he did at the event. He also explores 100 years of modernism and asks what the term means for individual countries.

What constitutes good architecture? In the issue of Baumeister curated by Christ & Gantenbein, which marked the launch of our Curated series, Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein give us some insight into their way of thinking and their architectural roots. In one article, they reference 52 projects from antiquity to the modern era to illustrate which buildings have had the greatest impact on their work.


BAUMEISTER is the architecture magazine written by architectural journalists. We focus on topics from the world of architecture — in well-founded reviews, lively commentaries and fascinating interviews. Our aim is to provide inspiration, orientation and advice to the architects of today. For us, architecture is a part of our culture. As a result, we always see constructed reality in its cultural, political and social context.

BAUMEISTER is published 12 times a year and is available as a print subscription and ePaper. Further information regarding prices and offers can be found in our shop.



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